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University & College Opportunities

Iranian Dance Academy seeks to support the diversification of dance genres beyond conventional Eurocentric aesthetics, to satisfy the diverse population of dance majors and contribute to the decolonization and diversification of dance in academia.

As such, we offer several opportunities for collaboration with academic institutions,

including residencies and guest lecture options.

Collaboration Possibilities with your College or University

Why Persian Dance?

With roots in Iran, historically known by the West as Persia, this dance style has fluid arm and hand movements that embody iconic shapes and images found in the aesthetics of Iranian art, distinct cultural nuances and social mannerisms. Rhythmic foot patterns texturize the movement and connect it with the music. The graceful body lines reflect the rich aesthetics of Persian/Iranian culture. This dance form has been affected by imperialistic and Eurocentric perspectives on a global level, as well as by heavy government restrictions in Iran. 


Why Iranian Dance Academy?

The curriculum offered by Iranian Dance Academy is founded upon movement vocabulary rooted in Iranian culture’s traditional aesthetic elements. IDA provides training and coaching for dancers and dance students interested in learning the art of Iranian (Persian) dance. Shahrzad Khorsandi will be the supporting instructor of any collaborations with university programs. Ms. Khorsandi is a world renown leader in Persian Dance, the author of the book The Art of Persian Dance and the co-founder of the Iranian Dance Academy.

What Are Some Collaboration Options? 

  • Residency 

  • Guest Lectures and Workshops (virtual or in-person)

  • Online Immersion Courses offered as credit for college students. This includes a textbook (physical text and virtual e-book) with the option to include guest lectures by the author of the book Shahrzad Khorsandi. 

  • Immersion Courses offered as options ranging from Independent Study Units to Professional Development for dance instructors or even extra credit.

  • Live Lecture and Online Lab combinations as a full semester/trimester/quarter experience for students. 

  • Pre-recorded online workshop experiences for multi-unit world dance classes.

There are numerous opportunities for collaboration and we are certain that we can customize a program to enhance and fit the needs of your program. Please contact us for more information.

Higher Education Contact for More Information

Thank you for contacting us.

We will reply to your request for more information soon.

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