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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the combination from class in my choreography?

Our combinations are created solely for the use of Iranian Dance Academy courses. We do offer courses that teach complete choreographies. We do offer choreography support. Check out our private session options.

I have a lot of experience in Persian dance, where do I start?

You can start with any of our classes and take advantage of our feedback options or start with the Immersion Courses that include our built-in Performance Analysis and Coaching sessions. While many of our classes are beginner-friendly, the combinations are beneficial for advanced learners for refining and mastering technique especially with the opportunities for feedback sessions.

How do feedback sessions work?

Different from our PAC sessions that are built into our Immersion Courses, feedback sessions are a bundle option for our Enhance+Enrich and Special Focus & Series classes. The process is: You take the recorded class, practice the combination taught, send in a video for the instructor to analyze your video using a proprietary system. Your instructor will virtually meet with you to share this valuable feedback.

What is a PAC session?

Performance Analysis & Coaching (PAC) Sessions involve a detailed analysis of your performance video including looking carefully at technique, musicality and expression. The virtual coaching shared includes structured feedback and coaching that will help you practice and refine your performance.

Can I take classes without feedback?

Yes! Our Enrich + Enhance, Special Focus and Series classes are all classes with the option not to include feedback sessions. You are welcome to take any of these classes without adding on the feedback option. You can always add a feedback session later if you decide. Bundling the feedback with the class saves you $10.

How are your tutorials different from courses or classes?

Our tutorials do not go in-depth with technique. The purpose of tutorials is to get through the steps of a choreography quickly. If you're looking for technique and instruction, please check out our other classes or courses.

Can I go faster/slower through an Immersion Course?

Can I reschedule my feedback session? 

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way. Or perhaps you're especially eager to move faster through a course. We ask that you do your best to commit to the course timeline, but please talk to your instructor and adjustments can be made to suit your schedule and needs in the best way possible.

Do you offer gift certificates?

We offer certificates that can be directly applied to our classes. Please visit our gift certificate page.

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