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Explore & Purchase from our Enrich + Enhance Class Library

What are Enrich + Enhance classes?


Enrich + Enhance classes offer dance lessons for ALL LEVELS through expressive movement combinations, so you can improve technique and perfect your skills over time, on your own schedule! Classes are equivalent to live 1-hour classes.

 Purchase a Feedback Session for a Deeper Learning Experience


Take your experience beyond the class and get direct feedback from our instructors for faster-paced and more in depth learning. How? Purchase a Feedback Session then send a video of you performing the combination taught in the class. The instructor will analyze your video and offer you their feedback in a private virtual session.

Give the Gift of Dance!

Preview and read the descriptions of each class. We know you'll find something you'll love!

​​*Classes intended for adults and teens.

Already purchased a class? Looking to simply purchase an a la carte Feedback Session? Click Here

Purchase a Single Add-on Feedback Session

Save and buy your feedback session with your class purchase!

Or purchase more sessions for continued 1:1 feedback.

Feedback is the key to a deep learning experience. Take your experience beyond the class lesson, practice and get feedback for faster-paced learning with proper technique!  The instructor will share her feedback of a performance analysis of YOU performing the combination. You will send a video of you performing the combination. The instructor will analyze your video and share her feedback in a private virtual session with you (private session is approximately 20 minutes). 

*When you click this button you will be taken to an external link on a new tab/page

to our online class system and member area. 

Interested in more 1:1 Coaching? Click Here!
Iranian Dance Academy Immersion Courses

Immerse Yourself in Iranian Dance

For a longer, deeper commitment to learning, our Immersion Courses will dive deeper and introduce you to the foundational elements of Iranian dance, including body awareness, arm and foot positions and fundamental movement vocabulary. 

Challenging short movement sequences are broken down and drilled. 

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