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Embrace the history and beauty of Persian-Iranian Dance!

This rich tradition is unique within the Middle East region.

You may be most familiar with Belly Dance, a popular form of Mideast dance.

But, Persian-Iranian Dance is different, with a distinct movement language rooted in a unique culture.

We offer an opportunity to deepen your connection with this ancient culture through IDA’s classes and coaching. 

Browse our library of online, on-demand classes and buy what works for you.

A dance style for all ages and all learning levels!
Looking for a new way to get healthy? Or maybe you are looking for a new creative outlet? Or perhaps you are a professional dancer looking to expand your repertoire or master new techniques? Persian-Iranian Dance with IDA - taught through our unique method - offers an exciting way to embrace the next step of your journey.

Enjoy the health benefits of added vitality and flexibility!
Increase your vitality and flexibility with graceful, rhythmic and fluid movements that can improve your mood and connect mind and body. Persian-Iranian Dance can foster joy and serenity in a frantic modern world. 

No need for a dance partner or a special space – just you!
No dance partner is needed for Persian-Iranian Dance, giving you the freedom to move in your own natural way, and learn

in the comfort of your own home. 

Start Your Dance Journey!

Whether you are a Beginner or Advanced, we have something for everyone - including kids!

Got Persian-Iranian dance experience? Completely new to this style?

Either way, we know you'll find something you'll love!

What Makes Iranian Dance Academy Unique?

Performance Analysis and Coaching (PAC) - a unique and proprietary system with live, one-on-one virtual feedback sessions integrated into your experience.

Virtual Feedback Sessions - personalized coaching on technique, stylization, musicality, and individual expression--essential for refining and mastering performance.

Recorded Lessons - play, pause and repeat as you learn from thoughtfully planned classes.

Shahrzad Technique - curriculum based on a detailed format developed over two decades movement analysis through practical research.


Expert Instructors - Known for both excellence in teaching and performance, learn from performers and teachers in this specialized style of dance.

Learn about our Immersion Courses and meet the instructors!
Our Immersion courses integrate homework and live one-on-one Performance Analysis and Coaching (PAC) sessions. This unique and proprietary evaluation process give dancers the individual coaching on technique, stylization and musicality essential for refining and mastering their dance technique and expression. We use Shahrzad Technique for Iranian (Persian) dance and our instructors are experts in practicing and teaching this technique. 

Take your dance performance to the next level
What is Persian-Iranian Dance?

Defining this Beautiful Art Form
With roots in Iran, historically known by the West as Persia, this dance style has fluid arm and hand movements that embody iconic shapes and images found in the aesthetics of Iranian art, and distinct cultural nuances and social mannerisms. Rhythmic foot patterns texturize the movement and connect it with the music. The graceful body lines reflect the rich aesthetics of Persian/Iranian culture.

The terms “Persian” and “Iranian” are often used synonymously and there is some confusion and much discourse around the appropriate term for this dance genre. As no final consensus has been reached and the discourse continues, IDA has decided to use both terms. However, it is important to note that in Iran the term "Iranian dance" is used. Dancers searching for this dance technique may see a variety of terms such as Classical, Traditional, National, Miniature, etc. There are also different stylizations within this same dance genre.

Iranian Dance Academy Cofounder,  Delsie Khadem-Ghaeini, live performance
Persian-Iranian Dance, the Shahrzad Technique from Iranian Dance Academy
The Shahrzad Technique


Shahrzad Khorsandi (MA), the founder and Artistic Director of Shahrzad Dance Academy (SDA), spent over 20 years developing a formal pedagogy for teaching Persian/Iranian dance, and documented this format in her book, The Art of Persian Dance (2015), endorsed by Iranian dance scholars.

Shahrzad’s deeply rooted familiarity with traditional Persian/Iranian dance and aesthetics, and her formal dance training put her in a unique position to explore and codify this art form. Shahrzad’s teaching system includes  movement nomenclature and categorization. Through the years of teaching non-Iranians, Shahrzad learned effective ways to analyze and teach Persian/Iranian dance in a format that clarifies movement parameters that define Iranian dance, while allowing for individual expression within the cultural nuances that give the dance its Persian/Iranian flavor.

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